Saturday, February 6, 2016


Are you looking for non-toxic laundry products that offer zero waste packaging? What about safe products that are also affordable? Well MyGreenFills believes that every home deserves safe products that are affordable.
They are fueling a #LaundryRevolution and this is their biggest giveaway yet. So enter the contest and get your first month of MyGreenFills for FREE!
After realizing her children suffered from severe skin allergies, founder Ruth Smith, knew she had to do something. She found that the only “green” products available were actually not so “green” and were inexpensive and ineffective. With a background in herbology and homeopathy, she created a revolutionary laundry detergent.
MyGreenFills features a system where they ship you the last laundry jug you will ever own. Refills are then shipped as needed to keep your clothes clean with less waste. Each refill makes a 50 oz / 50 load jug (Use 1 oz for high efficiency and 2 oz for standard washers.) They also offer a Refillable Fabric Softener, Refillable Brightener and Refillable Stain Remover as part of their product lineup.

The Samsung activewash™ top load washing machine has a patented built-in sink and water jet for a one stop solution for stain removal and pre-washing. The large 5.2 cf. washing machine featuring AquaJet® Deep Clean technology cleans your clothes deeply, but gently. The prize is worth over $2,100!
All you need to do is click the link below and enter. Ends 2-28! Good luck!!!