Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Losing the Babies and my Dad's suicide. Just being real!!

After losing three babies and now my biological Dad to suicide, I am surprised that I am as normal as I am!! I just keep going and cherish "the now". I can't look back with what if's and why's, The past cannot be changed. After going through what I went through with losing the babies I decided that I was not gonna deal with my Dad's death, Maybe that's a bad thing but that's how I am gonna remain sane after the loss. My Dad did not even think about me when he was dying, did not mention me at all in his suicide note, all he talked about was his wife that had left him 6 weeks before and his dog, Now can you see why I have't to deal with things my own way.Maybe I am sharing tmi but this is real and I don't like to be fake! idk