Thursday, September 20, 2012

My thoughts for the day

So I woke up around 11 something, Hubby was taking care of our two year old. I don't really sleep at night so he let's me sleep in the mornings(not all mornings though). I get up and say Hi To Cavin (my son) and kiss my Hubby on his cheek and go straight to the kitchen to get some much needed Dr.Pepper, I know it's bad but sugar wakes me up in the mornings, haha. 

I start to check my email hoping for a winner notification and enter some sweepstakes at the same time, Man I think I check my email every 5 minutes, I need to quit doing that. I keep hoping that I will get that Grand Prize Notification, A big hall of fame win. I could really use a trip or even some big mulla at this time. My nerves and emotions have been shot lately due to some recent things that have happened in my family and all I really want is a break from it all. I would love to take my Husband and Son on a two week vacation to a private resort somewhere and just enjoy the quite peaceful life and not worry about anything. 

We play the Lottery on a regular basis but have'int won the jackpot yet, The most that we have won was $493.00 on the 9th of August, It was a pleasant suprise and it was really useful but I kept thinking to myself "what if we would of gotten 5 numbers", then we would of won 20,000 and something, we could of done alot with that. Oh well, I believe we won exactly what we were suppose to win. Anyway, I am gonna get back to entering sweeps and doing Facebook stuff, Talk to y'all later!!