Thursday, April 26, 2012 is an awesome site to write reviews and get paid.

What Can I Write?

Any summary or review of a previously published book, article or newspaper, an existing website, movie or an academic paper will be welcome. Write your abstracts in your own words. Content that violates copyrights will be deleted. Your abstract must not exceed 900 words.
Can I submit stories or poems?
No original content should be submitted. Shvoong's goal is summarizing human knowledge, so all texts submitted must be summaries of existing texts. We do not deal with creative writing at this point.

More Advice

  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Many readers find it inconvenient, and some may  find it impolite.
  • Be sure to place your text in a matching category and sub-category.
  • Tags are keywords you can use to help readers find your summaries.