Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweep staking is my fav hobby besides playing Bingo. Wanna win 5.00 easy cash, Leave a comment on my blog for a chance to be picked at random.

So besides running a business, a blog and a Facebook fan page I LOVE to enter sweeps and play Bingo. The other day I won $ 250.00 which was pretty cool, It would of been $ 500.00 but I only paid for the half pay paper. Hey any money that's almost free is good to me. 

Does anyone else enter Sweep stakes everyday? I do at least 3 or 4 hours a day online. I love entering for stuff with the hopes of believing that I could be blessed and win something big like a car or something. The biggest Sweepstakes I won was a Grand Prize Instant win from Converse and Kohl's, I won a trip for a Kid to go to camp in Pa. It was valued at $ 5,000. I ended up having to take a $ 500.00 Converse gift card instead because my Step Daughter could'int go. Oh well, We used the gift card for Christmas presents. How many of you enter sweeps everyday and what have you won? Please let me know in comments below and I will pick a random comment  and the winner will recieve a $ 5.00 cash through snail mail. Please provide your name and email with your answer below.